Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jet lag

Here we all are again then. Trip 10. Flights were fine, though the usual scramble to get through immigration etc and to the connecting gate. Mild panic when Max was not given a boarding pass for Las Vegas, but after some confusion he ended up in first class. Rental vans brand new - mine has done 4 miles - and our budget motel is as it ever was. 5.45 am and the airport has started up which wakes us from our jet laggy sleep.  Students all fine, everyone happy and excited. If only the weather doesn't turn bad - predicted to be colder, windier and even rainier than usual for the time of year.

Today the city - casinos, suburbs, the urban wasteland of Las Vegas. But first the greatest contribution America has made to the world -  breakfast in a diner.


  1. I want to accompany you on trip 11

  2. Meanwhile back at the (very cold) ranch I spent the day being shouted at or preparing to be shouted at.

  3. Finally sun, tho stilL COLD. At the whole School celebration of Easter the consensus was that we have eggs at Easter was because Jesus liked chocolate. The egg decorating competition won by 'children' who made dioramas for their eggs.... maybe we should have Field Trip dioramas ....