Saturday, April 3, 2010


Day starts with a seminar and then a visit to the shooting range for those who want to blast away - some do, some don't, but a distinctive part of the American scene nevertheless. Yasmine turns out to be a dead shot. On to Boulder City, which has become even more chi chi - antique stores, wine bars, etc. with house prices rising. Students explored and seem to have enjoyed their first experience of small town America. Then to the Hoover Dam, but very slowly as security checks in place and a long line of cars snakes through the hills. The new bridge is still not finished and the water is even lower. Dam is crowded too.  Then a loop back to Vegas via Lake Mead. JB gets into a row with a NP attendant who wants to charge us $50 as a commercial vehicle to drive the perimeter road. In the other van we think he is just sweet-talking her, but he is actually blowing steam. Eventually we get in, and the drive is pretty much nondescript, except for the view of LV on the final approach. Tomorrow Kanab and parts North.

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