Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Monument Valley

Recovering from the absence of food at Marble Canyon, we explore the upper Grand Canyon, which is literally across the road - great views, great drop - and drive the short distance to the Navajo Bridge. We then set off on the road towards Tuba City and then Monument Valley. Weather is good and we make good time. Tuba City has improved - previously it has seemed rundown and even a little threatening, but sunshine and the new development of  the Hopi seems to have taken the edge off, at least in daylight. Weather closes in as we head towards Kayenta and Monument Valley. Journey is interrupted by Max and Mike's bursting bladders... We get to MV and can't get up the road to the new hotel without paying $5, which the group decline... 5000 miles, $5. No matter as the weather conspires to give us better views as we drive out towards Mexican Hat - some tremendous shots of the road and the buttes in the distance make up for it. Mexican Hat and the San Juan Inn are as last year, one of the nicest (probably because one of the most expensive) places to stay. Here we are in the diner, which has food.

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