Sunday, April 11, 2010

Windy Wupatki

Slow wifi here last night. Weather set to be better Sunday, so we go with the morning off for the students to explore Williams - pleasingly most did wander around and discover things. In the afternoon we go to Wupatki and Sunset Crater. Last year it snowed, this year it was windy and a bit cold, especially at Sunset Crater. We skip the climb. Some of the students have brought curious versions of the walking shoes the handbook lists as essential... The various ruins at Wupatki have been tidied up a little, which is good, but access is more restricted, which makes it a bit more "look don't touch" than it used to be. Still a great scenic drive through the park. We drive back to Williams and the students are released for the evening, though I fear Saturday night in Williams if you can't drink is a bit slow. Tomorrow the Grand Canyon, with the weather set to be good.

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