Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Marble Canyon

We drive from Kanab to Marble Canyon via Jacob Lake - a wonderful breakfast there fulfils a long held desire. Kanab not having proven a total success with the students the drive to Marble Canyon is fraught with doubt about the motel and the destination. Driving involves a considerable ascent through the snowline and then down to the plateau. The views were spectacular and the weather improved as we descended. Marble Canyon Lodge was affirmed on arrival. We set off on our master hike of cathedral wash - windy, but sheltered as we go deeper into the canyon. Great hike, everyone makes it through the scrambles and obstacles down to the river. Feet in the river contest is won by Yasmine and Bryony. We hike back out to the road and drive around and back to the Lodge. Then it goes wrong - the motel restaurant appears to not have a chef, so the menu is minimal or in fact less so as half the things we choose are off including coffee... Spark grumpiness ensues and no tip. It then begins to rain. I spend the evening watching JB sleep and trying to watch the fuzzy TV. The morning brings sunlight and breakfast - they have eggs! After viewing the upper Grand Canyon and the Navajo Bridge, we set off for Monument Valley

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