Saturday, April 10, 2010

Driving John Crazy

The morning begins with a seminar from Romero Brown, the Navajo owner of the motel and an important local figure. Excellent and informative for the students, especially about local politics. A short drive takes us to Window Rock proper and the tribal HQ. We visit the rock and tour the council chamber (not in session this year.) Window Rock is in the rear view mirror as we reach I 40 for our 190 mile  3.5 hr drive to Williams. John has an encounter with a crazy American driver who swerves across lanes and provokes some sweet language from him. Trucks stops are decorated with fibreglass dinosaurs. We arrive in Williams in brilliant sunshine in the early afternoon after making excellent time. Motel 6 and Safeway await us as ever. After de-canting we drive up the highway to take a short hike on the Keystone trail to a small box canyon, with a waterfall and petroglyphs. Snow still on the ground in places and deep in patches. Back to Williams and the students are free for the night. Tomorrow a morning off and then Wuptaki.

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