Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pipe Springs to Kanab

We leave Las Vegas, driving North into Arizona and Utah. Nice drive through mountain gorges to the Kaibab plateau and Colorado Springs, the fundamentalist LDS (aka polygamist) town. Not good to gawp openly, butwe but ice cream in the dairy store and clock the women in 19thc dress with 21st century iPods in their ears. Spooky. Onto Pipe Spring National Monument which JB and I picked out as an interesting place to visit last year. Good museum and walk around site. Alasdair gets grumpy when JB vanishes, followed by several students. We drive on to Kanab - Can-Ab - our base for two nights. A strange town in some ways - dead as can be by 9pm Saturday night. But quite scenic in some ways. The motel is OK, faded Fifties glamour and pot luck on the quality of rooms. JB and I end up with the odd one of the pack. John's old mate from Oregon John Mairs has tracked us down to here - a real surprise. Tomorrow Zion.

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