Friday, April 2, 2010

Sun and shine

Great day. JB and I couldn't be more pleased that the weather got better and that all the students got to the Calico Tanks on the hike this afternoon. Class act.

Day begins with a visit to the Outlet Mall - not JB's favourite thing, but important to see American consumerism close up. Then off too Red Rock Canyon. Every year the suburbs get more dense but Red Rock hangs on at the perimeter of the city. JB managed yet again to get us in for free. The new visitor centre is incomplete and not that much of an improvement. Then a hike to the Calico Tanks - still one of my favourites. Everyone got up there and saw the water and the city. Then a stop at Wal Mart for a different consumerism. Evening was meant to be the Stratosphere, but the clock beat us - we'll do it on the final night back in LV now. Dinner in the Hard Rock Cafe was OK.

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